Our Story

AO Holistics, founded in 2018, intends to empower and facilitate people globally in their journey of self-healing, self-exploration, and the deepening of their self-worth. We hold the belief that in viewing people holistically, they can reclaim themselves fully. You are more than your body. How do you feel about re-connecting with that deeper sense of self?

What Is AO Holistics?

AO stands for Alpha and Omega. Traditionally the use of this term represents the beginning and the end: “I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last,” to symbolise the beginning to the end of time.

Our use of Alpha and Omega represents entirety and balance. All people are holistic beings and are deserving of being recognised as more than their physical form, their behaviour, and/or belief structures.  

The use of AO is similar to that of the Yin-Yang, as Alpha represents the masculine energies and Omega the feminine. These energies are present in all people, and it is balance of the represented qualities which help us achieve our whole holistically.

In short, the AO Holistics name represents the balance of our whole self within a holistic context, using traditional mind-body practises which focus on energy, breath, and movement to come into our entirety.

Discover More

What makes AO Holistics different is our perspective towards self growth. Growth lies in the thoughts and feelings towards a given activity and/or situation. That is why we aim to provide a personable and fun environment for all. Enjoyment and genuine openness means you can arrive new, eager, and full of curiosity without the pressure of being anyone but yourself.

You are always greeted with open arms, a smile, and interest in your wellness!