Energy Movement Coaching

Using techniques and practices including Pilates, Yoga, and Reiki among others to move and free energy blockages within the mind and body to achieve optimal holistic health.



Bespoke immersion sessions over 12 months. Includes benefits such as Thrive class membership.



Bespoke immersion sessions over 6 months. Includes benefits such as Expand class membership.



Bespoke immersion sessions over 3 months. Includes benefits such as Grow class membership.


Do you…

• Feel blocked, stagnated, or stuck.
• Find it hard to change thought patterns.
• Breathe shallow or uneven.
• Have muscle tightness or weakness in the neck, shoulders, back, and hips.
• Feel ungrounded as you live focusing on the past or future.
• Struggle to balance between doing and being, giving and receiving.
• Feel overly responsible, overly emotional, or overly wilful.
• Often feel stubborn, procrastinate, are perfectionist, obsessively think.


Wish to…

• Be in and own your flow.
• Have an open and flexible mind.
• Breathe more conscious, deep, and rhythmic.
• Feel spacious within your body and develop strong and lean muscles.
• Find presence and ground of the here and now.
• Balance expansion and contraction, doing and being/allowing.
• Have a healthy partnership between your thinking, feeling and doing.
• Experience faith in yourself, the process you are within, and be appropriately undefended.

Level up…

• Accountability for how you use your energy.
• Deepen your awareness and identify your beliefs.
• Feel into your body to notice what you distort, and what you refuse to bring to life.
• Identify parts of self which served you, yet understand what no longer serves you now.
• Perception shift and alternative approach to systems you live in: family, friends, business, money, politics, and the planet.

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