Can you imagine if we taught children how to be consciously human?

I believe if you teach one generation how to be emotionally intelligent and thus unlock their inherent limitless potential, the world would experience change unrivalled in human history. I'm sure you have see in your own life how applying yourself in a mindful and balanced way can transform your mindset from can't do, to can do.
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I believe if you teach one generation how to be emotionally intelligent and thus unlock their inherent limitless potential, the world would experience change unrivalled in human history.

I’m sure you have see in your own life how applying yourself in a mindful and balanced way can transform your mindset from can’t do, to can do.

Throughout our life we have seen inventions and ideas never before thought possible become normal. Just imagine if more of us were taught to believe in ourselves, supported each other through collaboration, and directed this approach to our collective challenges.

More people are noticing their truth and value. There will be a lot of change towards healing and sustainability within the next few years. Keep an eye out 😉

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    3 weeks ago

    I have a hard question, a little war I keep having in my mind/heart. I'll just toss it out. I'm a bit imbarrassed. I like watching scarie movies. There is one part of me that likes them alot. And another part of me that keeps saying, Geeese you really should not be watching these scarie movies. They are not good for you. So what do you think of this little war that is going on. Is it bad to like/watch scarie movies? Which part of you would you listen to? What are your thoughts? ... See MoreSee Less
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    4 weeks ago

    Why do I feel off right now? There are some many factors to consider, and we may never know the real reason to why we feel the way we feel. Though, for me, I find it worth exploring where that question may lead. This week I decided to have an Emotional Code healing session, and when the session began, I told them my recent findings about myself. I was told that it would not help. They wanted to do a spiritual check on me before proceeding. They followed their path and found that I have a shadow energy. This is equivalent to an entity or a energetic parasite. After a few questions I followed their suggestion to have a clearing and follow a 40 cleansing once that's complete.My curiosity lead me to asking myself questions. For those who know of kinesiology, it's the practice of reading the body - like a self diagnosis if you will. So I asked the questions I felt I needed to understand the answers too. It has been with me for between 7-8 years and came to piggyback off my energy to heal itself. I have found that these occurrences happen from time to time, but it shows the importance of doing the work and trusting your gut. I listened to the comments of people over the past few weeks and the recurring theme was, "what you are carrying is not yours." I wonder how many of us carry the baggage of others or these energies, it would be interesting to find out. After 7 years on a conscious path I may have found an answer to why I feel a cloud or fog over me with no cause to. Why I feel out of sorts without a logical reason to. The moral of the story is, trust your gut. Follow the path, and what you need to know will be made known to you 😇*It's meant to say not, not 'mot' 😂 ... See MoreSee Less
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    1 month ago

    Do you want to support your friends and family?How we communicate with others is the bench mark in how we are received by them. Unless we prioritise and reframe our approach, we may never truly be able to support our friends and family in the way we intend.First we need to ask ourselves our intention for offering our time and energy. Is it for our own or for their benefit? The difference is whether you are listening to respond or listening to understand. Second is to see where we are projecting. If you are emotionally invested to the point where the supported person's response creates uncomfortable feelings in you that you react to, that's the sign you. Best to step back because you are or will add to the problem.Third is to be mindful of language. Are you telling people what they need or should do, or are you asking them what they need? Telling people your experience is one thing, telling someone what's best for them is another. I have been keeping an ear out for this over the past few weeks as I have been dealing with overwhelm which has led to anxiety attacks the last three days. This is an important point for me to mention. I know who and what I am. I don't need to be told "your a yoga instructor, do your practice" or "you shouldn't feel that way" or told to "stop talking" when externally expressing myself. In my experience, it's best to assume the other person knows what they need and are doing their best. When someone tells you their experience they are not looking to be rescued, but to be heard. I know acceptance and patience is the answer. However, unless my target is to repress my emotions through distractions that will lead to sabotaging behaviour or health issues long term, it's going to take time. Heads up. I am breathing, got a good diet, sleep at a good time, exercise, spend time with the right company, ask for help when I need it, have holistic therapies... My life is all around self care and I practice what I teach. Thoughts and feelings are energy that passes through you, sometimes it's more than you are accustomed to, and sometimes you can do all the right things and it still come up.What if I am only now experiencing the pain I felt in the past, because now I am currently accepting what previously I couldn't? What if this is exactly what acceptance and patience looks like in the process of healing? - The spiritual ego loves the idea you sit on a cushion and life falls into place, it's a bullshit story build on the idea of perfection. Really recommend letting that idea go.I understand that how others respond to me when I am like this is their experience. As such, it's their journey and their business. Equally I'm as grateful to those people as those who communicate in the way I need. However, others may only feel rejected when they are not seen and heard in those moments. All that's required to support your friends or family when they are in pain or healing is:1. Be there.2. Ask what they need.3. Listen.Since coming out of lockdown I have only experienced a few people thriving in these conditions. Many of us are transitioning and growing into our new selves. If patience and acceptance is the answer, then be that for others 🤗 ... See MoreSee Less
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