Weekend Wellness

Welcome to our Weekend Wellness Retreat 2nd -4th May 2020. Together we take an inner journey of self-discovery, let go of the old, and welcome in the new! Our May Bank Holiday Retreat will be held in Gloucester at the beautiful Asha Centre, with its own beautiful gardens and home grown produce!

This retreat includes:
• 2x night cottage accommodation.
• Freshly cooked meals by the in-house chef using healthy local produce.
• All daily exercise classes, ceremonies, and workshops.

We take our inner journey through:
• Daily restorative exercise practise including Yoga and Pilates.
• Learn short exercises to incorporate into your daily lives. 
• Creative expression creating a personalised vision board. 
• Energy clearing through sage smudging. 
• Letting go of the old with a fire pit ritual. 
• Clear emotions and connect to nature with a water ceremony.
• Ground our new self through a labyrinth walk.
• Reiki will be offered privately for those seeking extra!

Contact Us

We are very much looking forward to seeing you and being part of your Weekend Wellness Journey!

If you would like any further information, please call or text ‘Weekend Wellness’ to 07931429091 and we will arrange a convenient time to call you.

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